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TBR Book Jar \0/

So first I put together a bunch of stuff I thought I might use. My creativity works that way, I need to stare at my options. Then I wrote down my TBR books (note that I put all of the classics on the purple paper so I can avoid them more easily hehe) and then I finally put all the papers on the jar and added a little bow thingy to try and make it cuter. That’s all! Pretty simple, right?

Do you guys have a TBR book jar as well? Do you use it? I think it’s a fun way to figure out what to read next.

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Whimsical Portraits Of Humans And Animals On Piles Of Discarded Books

Created by Los Angeles-based artist Mike Stillkey

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Pile of books……..a beautiful and soothing sight to look at :D

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This is how long my book wishlist actually is


(Source: Deadpoetsmusings)

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